Great leaders inspire and direct teams from a shared vision towards tangible results.
It’s as simple as that – but it is NOT easy.

Every relationship we engage in has one goal: To equip leaders to lead from a visionary, authentic and empathetic place, creating an environment of clarity, trust and open feedback.

We focus less on developing leadership skills. We believe that leadership character
is far more important.

Great leaders don’t think less of themselves – they just think of themselves less.
From “The heart of leadership”

Our Healthy Leadership Model drives our focus, whether we engage with
individual leaders, teams or organisations.


When developing leaders, our focus is on self awareness and relational awareness. We draw on coaching, mentoring and education. Classic themes are:

  • Understanding your leadership role 
  • Building leadership character
  • Authentic leadership
  • Valuing people who are “different” 
  • Designing effective relationships 
  • Career goals and navigation
  • Feedback
  • Leading individuals & teams


When developing leadership teams our focus is on developing purpose and relationships to boost leadership effectiveness and flow. Classic themes are:

  • Shared vision, direction & goal setting
  • Team Climate
  • Effective decision making
  • Commitment & accountability
  • Coherence & collaboration
  • Team purpose & values
  • Trust & conflict
  • Leadership styles & Personality styles


In organisational leadership development, we focus on what we label “Leadership Assets” and on culture change driven from the top. Classic themes are:

  • Company purpose & values
  • Corporate Climate
  • Leadership principles & competencies
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mindsets
  • Feedback or innovation cultures
  • Talent management
  • Senior ownership (not just sponsorship)
  • Executive leadership agenda


For over two decades we have served international clients, building a strong cultural awareness, supported by a diverse team of partners